Why do writers write about warranty

Many business owners might consider a warranty or a guarantee, two terms that are used interchangeably, as more of a matter left to their legal team.

Why do writers write about warranty

Well, just within the 4 week period, everything has been resolved. As I mentioned in my last post, the delay was caused by the lack of available replacement parts by Hitachi.

The customer support agent that called me Tom was incredibly helpful and offered to replace my TV with a similar specced model. He spoke to their engineers to try to work out what was the slimmest model they could give me as that was the main selling point of my television which is why when I bought it, I drove all the way across London to the only store within 50 miles that had one in stock.

The set they recommended wasn't in stock at the branch I took my TV to so Tom got one delivered to them which I picked up yesterday. Unfortunately, as I took the box out of the car, I noticed that it was in fact damaged on the front not on the corners which is why I didn't notice it in store.

I didn't think much of it and proceeded to set the TV up at home. It all looked ok until I turned it on. I called Tom late yesterday afternoon, just after 5pm to get his advice.

He said he'd replace it and the easiest solution for me would be for him to get a courier to deliver it and pick the broken one up. Just after lunch today, the replacement TV was delivered.

What's blown me away though is that in order for me to get it before the bank holiday weekend, Tom found another RS store that had one in stock and got them to deliver it to me with a taxi. I kid you not, a young man in an RS uniform delivered it to my door after getting out of a taxi.

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After a shaky start to the support process due only really to the lack of informationI've had one of the best support experiences ever. I'm blown away by the lengths RS went to sort this out for me.

Not only did they not quibble in the slightest when I brought in a four year old TV with a five year warranty in this day and age I expect companies to try to weasel out of supportthey went out of their way to give me a solution I was happy with. The only thing I did was call up once a week or so to ask for an update on my repair.As the beginner’s version of Dramatica Pro, the Writer’s DreamKit is a complete step-by-step fiction writing system designed for the aspiring writer.

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why do writers write about warranty

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why do writers write about warranty
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