The positive and negative effects of automobiles in todays society

From fabricated employment statistics and consumer spending reports to obscene levels of debt and a failing domestic monetary policy, the writing is on the wall. If the petro-dollar ends, the American way of life will be something that will be destroyed. And if the petro-dollar finally does die, the American way of life is gone.

The positive and negative effects of automobiles in todays society

The September 10 Yr.

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Treasury Note stood at a yield of 2. Treasury Bond is yielding 2. There are a number of key data releases for the Week of Aug 14th through Aug 18th. According to Goldman Sachs, the key economic data releases this week are retail sales on Tuesday and industrial production on Thursday.

There are a few scheduled speaking engagements by Fed officials this week. This week should provide confirmation of the direction of economic activity and the pace of the recovery and further confirm the path for the economy and interest rate policy.

The Jackson Hole Symposium will kick off next week. Treasury Bond Yield fall to 2. The 30 Year U. Treasury Bond has now extended its trading range to below 2.

Treasury Bond Yield Testing lower range between 2. Chart courtesy of Zerohedge. At the extremes of this range buyers of long bonds can be counted on to appears in force when the 30 Year U. Treasury Yield moves to the top of this range around 2.

Treasury Note Yield Falls to 2. This gyration in bond yields looks like it wants to resolve itself by moving much lower into the gap that was formed post-election last November. If so, we will get another run at historically low rates before the final blow-off in Credit Markets sends Mortgage Interest rates up for good.

The above Chart does suggest that a constructive set-up is forming in the 10 Year Treasury Note with the potential to push the yield to around 2. It is crucial that Mortgage Rates stay at or below 4. Fixed Mortgage rates for conforming loans hit 3. Mortgage Rates have come off their lows and are down 0.

With the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate remains the same from day one, meaning borrowers can depend on the same bill amount from month to month and year to year.

The positive and negative effects of automobiles in todays society

For the year term, borrowers pay down the principal, or actual loan amount, along with unchanging interest amount on the mortgage.

Homeowners gradually increase equity in the home over time. A 30 year fixed-rate mortgage is often perfect for budgeting homeowners who wish to stay in the same house for a long time, but does have the drawback of paying more interest over the length of the loan compared with shorter-term loans.

A year ago at this time, the year FRM averaged 3. A year ago at this time, the year FRM averaged 2. A year ago, the 5-year ARM averaged 2. Year-over-year growth in core consumer prices also slowed for the 7th straight month dropping to just 1.

Amid this dismal report, there is a silver lining for Americans, the cost of shelter rose just 0. Core Consumer Price Index Falls to 1. Treasury Bond is now expanded its trading range between 2.

Treasury Bond Yield Rangebound between 2. The Bond market continues to improve day by day and mortgage rates continue to improve slowly. Inflation is not happening in an economy this mature and indebted, we are going to grind slowly down to a crawl and then stop.

Mortgage Rates have come off their lows and are up 0. The biggest increase in job openings was in the Professional and Business Services category, which rose by K, Education and Health services which rose by K, Construction up by 62K, and Trade transportation up by 41K.

Curiously, even manufacturing job openings increased by 38K in June, while Other Services and Retail job openings both declined, by 62K and 42K, respectively. The number of job openings increased in the Midwest and West regions.

The data is extended and can be seen to flatten suggesting maturity and eventual decline.

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Aside from the unexpected surge in job openings, the rest of the report was more subdued, with the pace of hiring actually declining from 5. With wage gains having yet to materialize. The Chart below courtesy of Real Investment Advice show a very long historical view of this dynamic shortfall between Wages and the Cost of Living which has been mitigated over the years by reliance on Consumer Credit to fill the gap; which after a small jog in is once again at record highs.Te Divina Detox Tea Ingredients: Te Divina Detox Tea Ingredients Do Tea Detox Work Are Detox Teas Safe Te Divina Detox Tea Ingredients Best Detox For Sick Body Symptoms Of The Body Detoxing Te Divina Detox Tea Ingredients Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox What Are The Benefits Of Sugar Detox How to Fast Diet Lose Weight.

The battlefield is not in the gentrifying neighborhoods. It is in the more wealthy neighborhoods where empowered residents fight to keep new people out.

The enemy is not the gentrifiers or developers trying to serve them. It is the rich people who use their influence to thwart development in their neighborhoods.

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The positive and negative effects of automobiles in todays society

Sylvana Airan is the Assistant Director of Business Contracts and Student Services in the Housing Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she has served 31 of her 38 years at the university.

ERATE's Daily Rate Summary. August 11, Mortgage Rates and Treasury Yields Fall. On Thursday, Treasury bond yields and Mortgage interest rates fell as Credit Market participants bet on volatility and interest rate moderation in ‘quiet’ period in August.

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