The issues surrounding accounting treatment for

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The issues surrounding accounting treatment for

The issues surrounding accounting treatment for

Surgery is performed to prevent several potential problems: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a relatively new surgical technique, requires only a small incision in the navel plus two other slits made elsewhere in the abdomen to gain access to the gallbladder with microsurgical tools.

This procedure results in minimal damage to surrounding tissues and quick recovery time; most patients go home within 24 hours of the procedure. After gallbladder removal, most patients are relieved of symptoms that they have suffered, including some chronic digestive disturbances and abdominal aches that might not have been recognized initially as being related to gallstones or gallbladder inflammation.

Another result of cholecystectomy is reduced bile excretion with a meal. Bile excretion, with or without a gallbladder, is an ongoing process that involves a pump-like action in the liver biliary system, dispensing fluid about six times per minute.

With the gallbladder present, there is The issues surrounding accounting treatment for additional pump-like action, in which bile is stored and then excreted in larger quantities during digestion of a meal. Thus, those who have their gallbladder removed can lead a normal life, but may have to be careful about eating any large quantity food at one time, particularly fatty foods, since bile is a valuable contributor to efficient digestion of fats, solubilizing the fats for enzymatic breakdown and for absorption.

Despite the improvements in surgical techniques and the generally positive outcomes, many people diagnosed with gallstones would prefer to avoid surgery and retain their gallbladder. One alternative to surgery that was tried, but later discarded, was lithotripsy.

This procedure was used for patients with large stones that involved breaking the stones into small pieces with powerful sound waves. Unfortunately, there were too many cases of bile duct blockage from the pieces of stone as they were excreted to consider this procedure generally successful.

A stone dissolving therapy with bile salts, mainly ursodeoxycholic acid, is another procedure that has been tried; administered only in cases of relatively small stones.

About months of continuous use is required to attain the desired results, which is complete removal of stones. The therapy has some drawbacks, such as causing symptoms of gas, bloating, and nausea in some patients, but it is still being investigated to find improved methods that might yield superior results.

A problem with these and other alternatives to surgery is that when the gallbladder has not been removed, it is common for recurrence of gallstones because the stone-forming processes are still present.

Nonetheless, those who are willing to make adequate changes in diet and exercise may be able to avoid producing stones that are of a dangerous size.

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Chinese medicine is commonly sought out as an alternative to surgery by those diagnosed with gallstones. It is evident from comments made by these individuals, and by Western practitioners of Chinese medicine, that many patients hope to take only a small amount of herbs in a convenient form to remove the stones.

Further, they expect to do so without risk of adverse effects, such as abdominal pain due to stones becoming caught in the bile duct during expulsion; otherwise, they reject further consideration of the therapy.

In order to determine whether or not such expectations are reasonable, it is necessary to examine how Chinese doctors actually treat gallstones in order to learn of the herbs to use, their dosage, duration of treatment, and incidence of adverse reactions.

Acupuncture is a therapy that commonly accompanies use of herbs and is also mentioned here. In China, the diagnosis of gallstones is a new one: Symptoms of gallstones were no doubt detected in the past, such as findings of abdominal pain and reactions to fatty foods, but the cause of such symptoms would usually be attributed to disorders such as qi stagnation and abdominal accumulation, rather than gallstones, which cannot be detected directly by traditional Chinese diagnostics.

However, since ancient times, the Chinese have been aware of the gallbladder identified as one of the six fu organs and aware of its ability to form stones.

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