Paralyzing plastic

Hand and Wrist Surgery We are dedicated to the well being of our patients. We understand your decision to undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is a serious one. Thus we want to be sure to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Our staff and surgeons will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure you are contemplating.

Paralyzing plastic

The two age-defying centers work hand in hand, allowing people of all ages and backgrounds Paralyzing plastic look better, feel better, and live longer, more productive lives. From its inception, the McCollough Institute has attracted professionals dedicated to the scientific pursuit of heath, vitality and an extended youthful appearance.

The new focus will be on the prevention and early detection of conditions that give one the appearance and stigmata of aging, skin cancer screenings, and diagnostic services.

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A world-renowned expert in appearance and health enhancement, Dr. McCollough has made your transformation to a more ideal weight - and size - easier than you might think. His program is based upon the simple principle, which involves balancing calories taken in with those burned up and substituting healthier, good tasting foods for those containing sugars, artery-clogging fat, and limited nutritional value.

The McCollough Medical Spa will continue to provide many traditional spa services, such as: Botox injections Advanced skin care therapies Obagi, SkinCeuticals, etc.

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Patients and clients who trust their care to Dr. McCollough and his staff should know that if he doesn't offer or recommend a particular kind of treatment or product in the clinics and centers he operates, it is because he has not yet become convinced that the results of such treatments are safe, cost effective or that they produce the kinds of outcomes that are claimed by their promoters.

Rather than simply treating the visible signs of aging, the professionals at the new McCollough Medical Spa provide facials and skin therapies that are designed not only to make the skin look better, but to help restore the ravages of aging and years of sun and wind exposure … from the inside out.

However, it is more than a filling station for commercially-created injectable fillers and muscle paralyzing agents. It is a comprehensive age inhibition—and management—center.

Clearly the advanced skin care programs and products that we offer give the skin a more youthful appearance.

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But many of our clients are looking for more. They want to be as healthy as they look. And they want to look their best longer than some of the temporary therapies can provide. Botox-like products neuro-toxins minimize the kinds of wrinkling and scowls that occur with exaggerated facial expressions.

For best results, however, re- treatment every several months is required. Level I laser therapy and superficial skin polishing micro-dermabrasion—or as Dr.


The McCollough Medical Spa offers high quality skin care systems: The Obagi System and SkinCeuticals. The laws that govern and regulate spas and skin care centers are very specific when it comes to such preparations.

A licensed physician must direct the dispensing and use of such products. Undiagnosed medical conditions hormone imbalances, thyroid deficiencies, collagen disorders, poor nutrition, stress, etc.

This is where the McCollough Medical Spa separates itself from other centers. We approach skin care, nutrition, weight and age management from both directions: If it is determined that an imbalance is present, our staff can recommend the appropriate corrective measures.

Clearly, more activity burns more calories.


But exercise, alone, is not the answer to weight management. At the McCollough Medical Spa, we offer such testing.At the time of the Rwandan genocide, the Mufti of Rwanda, the most respected Muslim leader in the country, issued a fatwa for.

Non surgical facelift for ageing skin is a perfect alternative to plastic surgery. Here are the best non surgical facelift treatments for the year At UofL Physicians Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery our mission is to provide extraordinary plastic surgery to the Louisville community and to advance Louisville's rich educational tradition in the field of plastic surgery by training its future leaders.

Paralyzing plastic

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Demi Moore has long been touted as the “poster child” for amazing plastic surgery results. It has been speculated by top plastic surgeons that over the years the star has spent upwards of $, on plastic surgery alone!

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