Mcdonalds global presence and cultural issues

Unconventional Solutions February 16, As the world experiences a triple crisis in finance, development and the environment, innovative and unconventional solutions are urgently needed. What works in one country or region might not work in another.

Mcdonalds global presence and cultural issues

Everyone from your favorite fast food chain to the neighborhood diner is using social media to advertise products and connect with fans.

But is everyone succeeding? We at Sprinklr decided to investigate which restaurants are winning in social and which ones have room for strategic improvement, using data harvested from our Social Business Index.

We crunched the numbers and ranked the top 25 performing brands across multiple metrics. To see the full rankings and dive deeper into the insights, check out our full report. Across seven key metrics engagement, earned impressions, impressions, active audience, active participants, followers, brand postsMcDonalds clearly takes the top spot.

McDonald's large audience definitely plays a role in their success, with almost 70 million followers across all countries, regions, and platforms - a 31 percent greater audience than incumbent Starbucks. With 7, brand posts in 30 days, an active audience of 1.

While important, a large audience alone isn't enough to guarantee a strong social media presence. McDonalds uses many other tactics and strategies to ensure their social activity is mature and engaging. Listening to Stay on Trend McDonald's uses their social accounts to advertise new products, promote sweepstakes, and report on community engagement.

These campaigns and initiatives are timely and relevant, capitalizing on the speedy nature of social to stay involved in their customer's conversation.

For example, as consumers become more health conscious and trends shift towards more nutritional food, McDonalds uses social to stay competitive and position their brand as a healthy, all natural choice for the whole family.

After recognizing this trend, the chain increased healthier menu options such as salads and wraps and provided more accessible nutritional information. These timely actions allow the chain to compete with more customizable Limited Service Restaurants such as Panera and Chipotle.

Mcdonalds global presence and cultural issues

Remaining Authentic and Transparent Transparency is key to any successful social media strategy and McDonalds makes honesty a major priority in their social communications.

After learning the hard way from PR crises and cover ups such as the "pink slime" controversy, the fast food chain now strives to be open and honest about all of their operations.

These questions are answered both on social and through a video series that shows the entire story behind their operations. The brand acknowledges consumer concerns about the quality of their products and is working to set the record straight.

Personal social engagement For a large brand, McDonald's strives to make their social channels feel personal and friendly. Customer service personnel respond to comments and tweets, both positive and negative, in a patient and cheerful manner. Using listening to pick up on keywords, the fast food brand jumps in on conversations, often to the delight of the user.

Frequently, individuals will comment questioning the legitimacy of McDonald's food and ingredients. In this case, account admins respond quickly, providing ingredient information and links to the website in order to stop rumors in their tracks.

Similarly, when a customer has a complaint about an experience, representatives ask for the store and employee name in order to deal with the problem directly.

As a global brand, McDonald's faces many challenges with customers on a daily basis. Using the power of social, customer service personnel are able to address and help as many customers as possible and improve their experience with the brand.

Quality content McDonalds uses their social networks to promote various types of content. Of these, we noticed a couple trends Successful posts often focused on the consumer's experience.

McDonald's strives to associate its food with positive moments such as having a morning coffee. These highly relatable campaigns foster a bond with the consumer on an emotional level. These daily visual posts promote initiatives by staying on the forefront of the consumer's mind and creating social buzz across all channels.

Many of the highest performing pieces were not in English. This is a reflection on the global nature of the McDonald's brand and the importance of having personnel and community engagement software that understand local dialects and culture. Overall, McDonalds uses their social accounts on both a large scale, growing brand equity, and a smaller scale, tending to specific and local customers.

When both methods are used in tandem, the result is a successful and robust social strategy. As seen by the case of McDonald's, social can be a powerful tool for the restaurant industry brand and beyond. Download the full report to see the Top 25 restaurant brands in social and dive deeper into the data.For McDonald’s, the UK was one of the challenging markets but as of , it was one of the most promising markets for the fast food chain.

the various strategies adopted by McDonald’s in the UK including its operational, localization, promotional, and employee-related strategies. In most communities, in fact, the McDonalds has conformed to local culture, not not the other way around. The McDonalds corporation notes that most all of its overseas franchises are locally owned, and thus make efforts to buy from local communities.

I have chosen McDonald’s as my business due to the fact that it is an extremely popular international franchise, therefore it is easy to study, in addition to the fact that there have been a vast number of issues with the company throughout their existence as a business. Mar 06,  · It is without a doubt that global thinking and cultural understanding are both powerful business tools which allow multinational firms to dominate the local markets and establish a .

When you're globalizing a brand, it's always a good idea to check whether your name, logo, or tag line means something different in the regions where you're expanding.

Here are the 20 worst. Mcdonald’s Global Presence and Cultural Issues Essay Sample. McDonald’s is a global fast food restaurant chain which can trace it’s roots back to humble origins.

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