How to write a good byline for a feature article

Most newspaper articles break down into two categories: News articles Feature articles You will also find opinion pieces, like editorials and book and movie reviews. But this lesson deals strictly with news and feature articles.

How to write a good byline for a feature article

Megan Stewart January 11, The practice of identifying the reporter or writer of a published written news story using a byline began during the Civil War. Joseph Hooker, a Union general, required battle correspondents to start identifying reporters of all published news.

For Bylines: Establish Credibility

His goal was to prevent the sharing of sensitive or inaccurate battle information by holding reporters responsible for the news they shared.

Newspapers and other media outlets initially opposed giving writers credit. Many felt it took away from the authority of the paper or unnecessarily exposed their writers to complaints.

A byline is simply wording that gives credit to the writer of a news story, article, or blog. It is typically found in an article between the headline and first line of the article body.

The byline started out as a method for accountability and credit, but in time it so much more. What is a Byline?

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What a Byline Contains The byline typically contains the name of the reporter or writer who developed the story. A byline can be just a surname, a first name, a first name and last initial, or a full name.

It sometimes includes a brief second line. The additional line contains pertinent article details such as a revision, a reprint date or even a copyright notice.

A byline should not be confused with a bio or a newspaper folio line, which provides more background.

Against Bylines: Cut the Fluff

A byline is sometimes placed at the end of an article as part of a mini-bio about the author. A missing byline typically implies an anonymous article or report. For websites and blog owners, it may be as simple as referring to the writer by just a title.

how to write a good byline for a feature article

A byline consisting of merely a title is especially common for those new writers who have yet to prove themselves. What is a Byline Online?

how to write a good byline for a feature article

A company or media outlet that desires to promote their brand may be simple. Some companies use their name with the date the article was written, published, or reprinted. The caption or text beneath a photo or illustration is often reserved for a byline graphic, with the name of the artist, if different than the writer, as a way of attributing credit.

Benefits of a Byline First and foremost, the byline is a credit coveted by writers across all genres. A byline can also serve to position the writer as an expert or authority on a specific topic or target audience.

When done thoughtfully and consistently, a byline can even become part of the brand or identity of a writer. A byline is sometimes used by media outlets to add perspective or expertise to their publication. Some publications and blogs discourage the direct mention of your company or product in a piece.

This is because their audience dislikes pushy sales pieces. Market savvy companies write interesting content for a target audience and use an employee byline as an unobtrusive way to link to a profile or website with their products or service information.Mar 24,  · okay so im writing a byline for my feature article about heath ledger and how he just kept on going with his career until he made it to the big time like he wanted, and i apparently need to add my name in it but i dunno how to write one so please help, kthanks (:Status: Resolved.

The Benefits of Bylines A bylined article is one of the most effective tools available for establishing credibility with a target audience because it . Flip through some articles online and in print. Read the bylines at the end of the article. This will give you a feel for the length and content of a good byline.

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An article's byline generally describes you and your company in a few short sentences. A byline can even attract page visitors to your site, where they may buy your products, try . What is a Byline: Conclusion So, when truthfully done, the answer to “what is a byline” is that it credits the author and personalizes the article.

A byline lets the audience know who is talking to them and what—if any—knowledge or experience they bring to the topic. In addition to giving credit where credit is due, a byline adds a level of legitimacy to the article; if a piece has a byline from an experienced writer with a good reputation, it's a sign of credibility for the reader.

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