Grading system a boon for students

Students have taken their finals, and now it is time to grade them.

Grading system a boon for students

Grading System has been a great boon to the society. No Doubt that the competetion has decreased but according to me Competetion never brought any Good!!

Grading system a boon for students

What happened due to Competetion was Suicides of Children coz of their freinds getting more marks than them or etc. If a student got 92 marks in Maths and another student had go If there are 2 students with A1 Grade, and one has Grade A1 in attitude towards teachers,discepline etc and other one has Grade B1 in the same, the boy with the A1 grade will be selected for sure!

My aim to say this is that Grading System has surely Influented the System of education, It has made it much more smarter. This is the first full session for Class X with fully implemented Grading System and for sure this year will create a milestone! Last but not the Least, Grading System has helped the Average Students a lot, Especially like me who used to cry in every last week of march when the results came, now there is no Intellegent student and no Bogus students!

Both the students as well as the teachers like to go to their respective schoolsthere have been less complaints of Homework not done for the parents and the teachers! Thank you Very much and have a nice day.The purpose of Standards-Based Grading (SBG) is to align grading with the mastery of state content standards as measured by consistent student achievement data and common criteria for grading.

The primary goal of SBG is to better communicate what each student knows and is able to do, as well as to inform teachers, students, and families what. Obviously, there will be. On the Basis of the Internal Assessment, Grade Upgradation is to be rewarded in one or two Subjects which is a boon and greatly contributes in CGPA..

Hope it helps. Upvote if . School work starts to suffer and the end result is the poor grade. Excess usage of the Internet is Unhealthy both for the mind and the body. Lack of concentration, loss of interest in other physical activities etc. result in a weak body and mind which might fall prey to various health problems.

Initially, there was a backlash among students against this grading system. They were not used to this style of grading, and it was an icy shock to their systems. It seemed to deviate from everything they had ever known about school.

At first, many students objected and refused to try, and their scores and quarter grades were low. The grading system has important implications for assessing student writing and helping students improve their writing, Foltz said.

In one of his undergraduate psychology classes at NMSU last fall. Grading System A Boon Or A Bane With the implementation of CCE or the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation,Many Changes were brought in the Educattion System suddenly!Some of the Students Felt it too good but some felt it like a pain.

Grading system a boon for students
Provided meaningful feedback on students’ academic performance