Gingrich thesis french

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Gingrich thesis french

Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses. Since it is on arXiv you can read the preprint yourself.

And, since Gingrich thesis french is a preprint it is not quite polished, so keep that in mind when evaluating it. After a fashion we are part of the polishing process.

So what do I think? Such an unnatural growth rate 1. Unfortunately, this divine intervention explanation poses a new kind of problem — it is not science.

Taken literally this seems rather bizarre.


It seems obvious that miracle in this context simply means an inexplicable phenomenon, not a genuine supernatural intervention. There are also plain factual problems which I assume will get cleared up in the final draft.

Romania and Hungary are referred to as Slavic nations which were targets of migration by Khazars fleeing the collapse of their polity.

Neither of these nations were then, or are now, Slavic. In general I have to say that the historical framework of the paper is very skeletal, verging on incoherent at least to me.

That being said, there are positives. The authors use methods which you yourself could replicate with a public data set. What more could they have done?

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Well, tested some explicit Gingrich thesis french models. Setting aside the historical fuzziness of the paper, the major issue I have is that though the methods are totally kosher, so to speak, the data you put into them strongly shape your outcomes.

Dienekes and Maju both anticipated my own key concern. Perhaps on the same order of Germanic ancestry in modern England which dates to the 6th century and later. In plainer language the Caucasian component that is being detected in this paper may simply be a indigenous Middle Eastern ancestral element which has now been somewhat displaced northward in its modal frequency due to the expansion of the Arabs, and later the admixture of some Sub-Saharan admixture among Muslim Arabs.

This would explain the finding of the author that the Druze, who are an endogamous community which has roots in the mountains of Lebanon, have affinities to the Turks. From this the author posits a Druze migration southward, but I suspect a more parsimonious explanation is simply that the Druze are a relatively isolated population which is more reflective of the Near Eastern genetic substratum which has been somewhat modified by over 1, years of cosmopolitan Muslim polities in the lowlands.

In this model the modern Turks and Kurds would also be reflective of this ancient substratum, being more insulated from Sub-Saharan admixture as well as the population movements of Arabian tribes from the peninsula in the first century or so of Islam. One aspect of the paper which requires some clarification is the idea that the Armenians are a Caucasian people.

If you look at the modern state of Armenia this is eminently reasonable. But for most of its history Armenia was a marginal Caucasian nation, with its center of gravity further south, straddling Anatolia and western Iran, and looming over the plains of Mesopotamia.

The Caucasian nature of modern Armenia is to a great extent a function of the extermination of Armenians from much of eastern Anatolia in the early 20th century. In contrast, Georgia is much more fundamentally a Caucasian nation. If you kept this reality in mind I suspect that passages such as this would not be necessary: The high genetic similarity between European Jews and Armenian compared to Georgians…is particularly bewildering because Armenians and Georgians are very similar populations that share a similar genetic background…and long history of cultural relations….

There have been some suggestive uniparental results. But the smoking gun for me is a simple one: The Khazars were Turkic, and as such they would have had substantial proportions of East Asian ancestry.

This is evident in the modern Chuvash, who have had a thousand years to admix with surrounding Slavic populations and have.So, no, Gingrich didn’t break American politics. But he did help break a progressive monopoly on the House, which the GOP has controlled 20 of the 24 years since.

On his mother’s side, Mitt has 1/ Mi’kmaq/Abenaki First Nations ancestry through Marie Jeanne Kjipuktuk (whose Native heritage has been confirmed by DNA), and remote Welsh ancestry.

Newt Gingrich’s ‘elite’ PhD topic. By Valerie Strauss. he earned a PhD from Tulane in with a thesis titled Gingrich moved to West Georgia’s geography department in , where.

Denialists are dead wrong about the science. But they understand something the left still doesn’t get about the revolutionary meaning of climate change.

Gingrich thesis french

Gingrich also has a doctorate in European history, and his thesis - on Belgian Education Policy in the Congo - had a bibliography including several French-language publications.

Newt Gingrich unveiled today what has to be one of the sillier ads of the campaign, accusing Mitt Romney of—quelle horreur!—speaking French: Yes, Mitt Romney speaks French, owing to his time.

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