Essay colours life

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Essay colours life

Fiction K - English - Words: The Colors of Life Life. It can be measured by many things. The joyful experiences in life like a evening spent with loved ones on a special day or event or watching children as their little eyes glint with excitement as they tear into presents Essay colours life in pastel green and red on Christmas Day, hoping beyond hope that Santa had made their wish come true.

For some people, it is measured by the accomplishments made in life, their life on an endless ladder to total power or control of their life and each day, month and year is just another rung in that ladder. An endless climb upward on the social ladder of their life.

Never looking around to see the many colors of life. And that is what I measure my life by, the colors of Life. They all have their own color and feeling. I measure moments like these through Love, the color Red. I feel a quivering light blue when I see Life being wasted daily by uncaring, sad and scared individuals who think brandishing a gun, a knife and other weapons of hard steel can solve their problems or make them better.

I see a dark intense blue when I feel anger, hurt and exhaustion from my friends and family and a bright, blinding blue when the fateful moment of two towers falling on the television screen, huddled, frightened people pray as debris of a million families in New York flutter or crash to the earth.

I measure moments like these through Sadness, the color Blue. Joy is a light, sweet Pink that fills your heart and soul up with tickling Pink that either makes you want to laugh, a little gift called a smile across your face or it makes you want to soar with happiness into the clouds and above as far as you can possibly reach.

I feel Joy every day. Some people will say I am an overly happy person but I believe that there is no such thing. Without a smile, this would be a very dull place. I feel a light, content Pink as I read a cherished book of Poems or a book where you can be swept away into places unseen and never heard of, where anything can happen.

I measure moments like these through Joy, the color Pink. It either chills you to the bone and makes you shiver with dread or make you scream in delight and anticipation of the unknown.

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I feel a dark gray, hard as granite stone when I look at the inner turmoil inside of me, a thing that can either overwhelm me, crushing me to the rocks of my own emotions or make me stronger, weather worn but still standing against my own inner Hurricane of uncertainty and doubt.

I feel an Onyx black, sleek as a cube of ice and just as cold as I think about the unknown twists and winding paths of life that I have yet to trod but it is fleeting as I shake it off and tentatively move onward, never knowing what is ahead.

I measure moments like these through Fear, the color Ebony. It can be measured in so many ways but I shall always measure it with colors. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has been posted.Colours are the basic things in life, yet it plays an important role in our life. However, most of us take it for granted. For example, each time we wake up to a brand new day, we would take it for granted that we can see the colours of our bedrooms.

Imagine a life without colours. A black and white rainbow, your favourite television rogram in black and white, every single item of clothing looks black and white, life would be so boring. Everywhere you look, each time you turn around, everything in sight is in black and white.

How Colors Affect The People English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The inhabitants of the Earth heavily rely and owe its life to the magnificent power of light and color.

Color is a phenomenon of light that may be described in terms of an individual’s visual perception of hue, saturation, and lightness for objects. Sample english literature essay. Color In Our Lives English Literature Essay. What is color? According to some dictionary, color is sensation produce on eye by rays of light when resolved as by prism into different wavelength.

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There are many colors in our world.

Essay colours life

Think of how bland and unexciting it would be without color. Colors light up our surroundings, and inspire us to be creative.

Short Essay for kids on The World of Colours