Book review a daughter of han

He put the book down and slowly stood.

Book review a daughter of han

Book review a daughter of han

I recently read an amazing book that explains the life of a Chinese peasant woman in pre-Communist China. The book is, "A Daughter of Han The Autpbiography of a Chinese Working Woman".

This book is written by an American woman, Ida Pruitt, who lived in China in the late 30s. The book was written in Ning Lao Tai Tai had a very difficult life.

She came from a poor family, and her father married her to a man who came to have an opium addiction. She had two children who lived by this man. She calls him her 'old opium sot' in the book.

This man didn't work often, and over the course of her life Ning Lao Tai Tai was forced to work many jobs such as maid, beggar, street saleswoman, etc.

She worked hard for her whole life in order to take care of her children and later her grandchildren.

She also married her daughter to a man who had an opium addiction and her daughter had a hard life. She was such a strong woman and she saw so many different parts of Chinese history during her lifetime. Ning Lao Tai Tai lived during the fall of the Qing dynasty, while the Japanese occupied northern China, during the time of the Guomintang, and until the Communists were beginning to take over.

The interesting thing about this book is that the ending is such a cliff-hanger.

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Ida Pruitt had to leave China when the communists defeated the Guomintang because China was no longer safe for foreigners. And when the book ends, Ning Lao Tai Tai's granddaughter who is a teacher and had actually been sent by the Chinese government to the US for one year to learn more about teaching is preparing to go to the countryside and fight with the communists.

So we never know whether she was successful. As a teacher, it would have been very hard for her to survive during the Cultural Revolution, so even if she made it through the fighting, she may have been imprisoned for being a teacher or sent to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution.

Ning Lao Tai Tai has some very funny views about life and the world One of her views was that the Russians were the best of the foreigners to work for. One reason is because the Russians were less stingy, and another reason is that they ate better food than other foreigners.

She also felt that it was harder to work for foreigners as a maid than for Chinese.

Book review a daughter of han

Her Chinese employers would put her up in a house and give her food, but the foreigners paid the same rates without room and board.In this exquisite memoir, Chang Yu-i, the daughter of a distinguished Chinese family, recreates her life for her American-born grandniece, Pang-Mei, a Harvard student who is conflicted about her.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and A Daughter of Han; the Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more.

Jul 21, Teresa rated it liked it · review of another edition. We progress as a society in material ways without essentially changing the mother/daughter bond - and it can be a troubled relationship that creates that bond.

Three Daughters is a book is about three generations of women in Palestine, who happen to be Christian, but 4/5. "A Daughter of Han" is both an insightful and a frustrating read. The author, Ida Pruitt, writes in the first-person from the perspective of Lao T'ai-t'ai, a woman Pruitt met and interviewed.

There are several interesting themes in the book: conservative society, saving face, foreign missionaries, poverty, numerology, and domestic life.

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A Daughter of Han has ratings and 32 reviews. Hadrian said: Autobiography of a certain 宁老太太, as told to the author. Covers the years Tak /5.

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