An analysis of the film good fellas by martin scocese

Martin Scorsese gets a museum show 09 Jan Scorsese's lecture incorporated a wide variety of movie clips to illustrate the four factors he regards as crucial to film — light "something at the beginning of cinema"movement, time and inference. He used an clip from Thomas Edison's film studio, the Black Maria, featuring two cats 'boxing' to illustrate how movement has always been vital to film, and to show that today's cult obsession with YouTube cat videos has its historical precedents. But Scorsese argued that to fully comprehend the language of moving images, it is essential to "preserve everything" from blockbusters to home movies, by way of films which may not look like works of art on first showing.

An analysis of the film good fellas by martin scocese

Tom HI my name is Tom, I go to Windsor Boys school where I take Media Studies at A-level, this blog will be used for research purposes, and also to chart me and my groups progress as we make our two minute film for our coursework,: The narrative follows the main character Henry from his late teens, building up to his career as a professional criminal associated with the mafia.

The opening scene is a harrowing and graphic example of the casual violence that surrounds Henry. The disturbing reality depicted in this opening scene has what has made it particularly iconic in the Gangster genre of film. The first shot of the film is of a black background with the credits.

Minimal wording appears on the screen, and the words quickly slide across the screen from the right in a large white font. The word that has just slid across the screen then reappears in a smaller white font, and stays still until it is replaced by the next larger word sliding across.

The sound, that goes with the word transitions is presumably diegetic traffic noise, and gives the viewer an idea of the setting.

An analysis of the film good fellas by martin scocese

The first opening shot containing real images is the tracking shot of the car driving down the road in the darkness. The shot instantly promotes a foreboding atmosphere that is consistent with the gangster image. This shot pans left and comes alongside the car, giving the viewers the impression that we are following the car, and that the characters inside the car are perhaps key to the story.

When the audience eventually sees inside the car there is a medium close up of the driver, although we can see two other men in the car. The focus on the driver gives the audience a subtle hint that he could be the main character. The next shot of note in the scene is when the men get out of the car to investigate the noise in the boot.

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The shot is a low angle of the characters in side profile, for the viewers looking up at them, it shows the characters have an authoritative and controlling air about them, which makes them more believable as gangsters.

There is then the gradual close up to the boot of the car; the camera zooms in to the source of the noise like a person reluctantly going to open it. This cuts to a medium shot of all three of the men that gradually zooms in on the two holding weapons, who obviously getting ready for a confrontation.

The man holding the shovel nods to the character who is out of shot, then the camera pans round to focus in on the un-armed man to reveal the contents of the car.

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The camera moves slowly again here to convey the trepidation that all of the men are feeling towards having to deal with whatever is making the noise in the back of the car.

Also from an audiences point of view this creates anticipation through the build of tension. The scene ends with a still of who we can assume to be the main character, slamming the boot shut in time with a song from a typical 50s Italian American singer Tony Bennett.

The song is also contemporary to the setting of the next scene.Goodfellas Essay Examples. The World of Organized Crime in Martin Scorsese's Film Goodfellas.

An analysis of the film good fellas by martin scocese

words. 2 pages. words. 2 pages. A Movie Comparison of 'Scarface' and 'Goodfellas' words. 2 pages. An Analysis of the Movie Goodfellas Based on the Accounts of Real Life Ex Gangsters.

words. 2 pages. 2 Goodfellas () was a prime example of well executed directing and quality constructed film directed by Martin Scorsese. In the scene that is being analyzed, we see the character Henry (Ray Liotta), an up and coming gangster who has recently found himself attracted to Karen (Lorraine Bracco), a young Jewish raised girl who has found herself attracted to Henry.

The film that re-established Martin Scorsese's eminence among American directors after years of professional difficulties, GoodFellas is a tour de force which lays bare the crude and venal motives which drive a happy band of thieves and murderers. Analysis of Opening Sequence GoodFellas, Martin Scorsese, Within the opening sequence of the film ‘GoodFellas’ there is a large amount of iconography and stock conventions to make it clear to the viewer that this film is of the gangster genre.

Being a “good fella” in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas Martin Scorsese’s film Goodfellas is perhaps the greatest gangster picture ever made. It is nearly unrivaled in its texture, its details, and its expansiveness. Martin Scorsese is best known for films likeTaxi Driver(),Raging Bull(),Goodfellas(), andMean Streets().

These films are classic Scorsese to the extent that they foreground dramatic themes with which the director is clearly preoccupied, namely, themes of .

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